Signage Program

Historically, a sign was the symbol of strength that gave birth to the flag and the banner. It was also a mark of distinction for admirals and naval captains. Today we associate a sign as an emblem identifying a company’s brand. While the definition of a sign has changed a lot over time, its importance, however is still undeniable. For us, a sign represents what is most valuable, since our customers’ images are at play. Our mandate is to create a custom design for each project while taking into account expectations and budgets as well as the applicable laws that differ for each municipality.

Manufacturing custom products requires great expertise and an attention to detail. The choice of materials and manufacturing methods are of utmost importance. This is why we don’t skip steps in the process leading to a finished product. Poitras Industries’ strength is its expertise, which enables you to get a high-quality sign that will proudly represent your company’s image for the years to come.

The Poitras Industries Team