Urban Furniture –

Since its creation in 1930, Poitras Industries has never stopped creating products that perfectly align with its customers’ requests and requirements in a variety of areas, such as providing very high-quality aesthetics and durable functional furniture to furnish public spaces, making them a part of enjoyable living environments all over North America. These include bus shelters, waste receptacles, park benches, bike racks and newspaper distribution boxes.

Our products are a reflection of our know-how and benefit your ideas and specific requirements. In fact, we create custom urban furniture while adhering to your requests, whether you represent a city, public transportation company, municipality, advertiser, private company, designer, architect, urban planner, or advertising and marketing agency. Poitras Industries manufactures superior-quality, low-maintenance products at the lowest possible price and within your deadlines.

We can also leverage your ideas to design your furniture and provide efficient, effective, innovative solutions. From design (design, engineering, aesthetics, etc.) and manufacturing to installation, we rely on our extensive knowledge of the industry and know-how to provide you with innovative products and solutions that will endure over time because of their quality craftsmanship, durable materials, and pleasing aesthetics. Our products respond well to your specific needs and to those of your customers. See some of our completed projects and urban furniture.

We are eager to participate in the success of your urban development projects. Contact us today by phone, email or use our online form. Reach out to us before starting your project so that we may provide you with advice, service and support.

The Poitras Industries Team

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