Poitras Industries Inc. originated as a lettering company. It was founded in 1930 by Paul-Émile Poitras. Over time, Les Enseignes P.E. Poitras Inc., evolved and broadened its scope to create theatre sets and floats. Since the 1960s, its has been involved in the rapidly growing commercial sign market.

Around 1970, manufacturing custom signs became the company’s primary business focus. It quickly earned an enviable reputation because of its skill, professionalism, and the quality of its products. P.E. Poitras became the benchmark for the competition and other professionals in the world of display, architecture, design and many other specialties in this field. Cities, municipalities and private companies rely on its expertise.

In the 1990s, the company became Groupe Poitras Inc. It added urban furniture to its sign products and also began to expand its reach into markets outside of Québec, including the rest of Canada and the United States. The company’s high-quality and impeccable service was very well-received.

In 2015, Guillaume Chabot, Patrice Demers and Marc Fugère acquired the still thriving business and refreshed the company’s image, renaming it as Poitras Industries Inc., to better reflect its North American presence. The Poitras Industries team works tirelessly so the company can continue to satisfy its many customers and accelerate its growth in markets in which it excels: signs, urban furniture and architectural projects.


Poitras Industries provides its resources, skills, know-how, expertise and creativity in order to satisfy its customers’ high expectations.


Poitras Industries pursues its mission with a goal of complete customer satisfaction. It continues to be the undisputed leader in its area of expertise because of its skills, professionalism, and unparalleled quality for both its standard and custom-made products. This enables it to remain at the forefront of its art, while broadening its creative and production abilities to satisfy its growing customer base so it may continue to lead the industry.


Since its beginnings in 1930, Poitras Industries has always valued the competent, dedicated and enthusiastic members of its team. This fosters a fulfilling work environment in which everyone has a creative impact that directly benefits the company’s customers. Transforming knowledge and expertise into exceptional products and unparalleled service forms the basis of the company’s mission and vision.


At Poitras Industries we are proud to use easily recycled materials, such as aluminum, and LED lighting in our creations and retrofits. These environmentally-friendly measures, and others, help us to contribute to our projects’ sustainability, protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, and help our customers do the same.